Hi. My name is Blandina.

I live in the heart of North Beach, one of the most vibrant, delicious, artistic neighborhoods in one of the most beautiful cities in the world… San Francisco.

Decades ago, I drove across country from the east coast searching for adventures and a dream. I found both by chance here in this magical city. San Francisco is full of unique things to see and do, and over the years I’ve enjoyed many of them. Dancing in the Missing Carnival Parade, painting a mural on the walls of City College, singing in a couple of not famous bands, exhibiting my paintings and drawings, teaching fitness classes throughout the city, and working in the legendary shop, “Postermat”, selling vintage Rock n’ Roll posters that are now museum-quality collectibles.

I have had the joy of hearing music legends like Miles Davis, Jerry Garcia, and Bruce Springsteen in small neighborhood clubs, and I’m happy to show you that all the arts continue to thrive here, including the best food outside of Italy!

As we walk, guests often comment that they feel “a strong spirit of community” here. So true: Our neighbors and organizations are committed to helping each other and preserving the flavor of our village. I’m proud to say that I volunteer as the Fortune Teller at the annual Children’s Halloween extravaganza (good fortunes all around), I serve holiday dinners at Saints Peter and Paul Church, and I’ve been especially honored to be the invited tour guide for locals with highly regarded organizations such as the North Beach Library and the Telegraph Hill Dwellers – a nonprofit neighborhood organization.

There is so much colorful amazing history in this incredible city, and on our tour I will weave what I have read, learned, and personally experienced into a blend of rich memories we will share together!

My Book

Yes, I’m a book author as well as a tour guide!

“Benny the Beagle” is the story of a sweet rescue dog, who with help of one little girl, learns to trust and love children. A wonderful story for animal lovers, young and old.



This is a sweet and terrific children's book that teaches children to be kind to animals and treat them with respect.

Esther Muller, Former AKC Judge

Blandina Farley is a wonderful artist and storyteller. Anyone who loves animals will enjoy Benny the Beagle.

Steve Farley, author, Black Stallion's Shadow